The Godfather of Grapes, Tony Alto, has died, and you mooks have been invited to the reading of the will.
Watch as six almost professional actors present this hilarious story of jealousy, intrigue, murder, and whatcha macallit… malapropisms. What!? Don’t know what a malapropism is? Well, fuhgetaboutit! Just buy some freakin’ tickets, and enjoy yourselves. Tell ’em Big Frankie sent ya!
We are presenting three dinner choices featuring your pick of either, Roasted Turkey, Slow Cooked Pot Roast, or Blackened Salmon. A couple of sides come with it, and somethin’ to wash it down like coffee or tea or soda. If you wanna booze it up, then that’s extra between you and the server! Your admission fee includes your meal, server’s gratuity, and a complete dinner show!
You even get a dossier so you can play Jr. Detective and later ask questions of the suspects and/or bribe them for clues. The best detective gets a prize.
Admission $65 No refunds after 7 days prior to show date. Tickets are transferable.
So whattya waiting for? Here’s the link to The Altos! Seating is limited. You still got questions? Write us at